AirFtp Project

AirFtp is a free file and ftp software for the Microsoft OS's.
Currently , it is in Beta stage, while trying to achieve better
performance from AirFtp. Your help is very important to help improve
the AirFtp project.

Version 1.4 Released

Direct outlookLink is now embedded in the software.

Quick mail messanger is now availble directly from within the software

Version 1.3 Released

AirViewer for files is now builtin to the program.

support for running executbles by directly double clicking an exe file.

some more error handling dealt with.

code was improved into classes.

progress bar added.

added support for switching from local mode to ftp mode.


FREE Win software

An Easy to use interface

FREE for Win platforms

Supports ASCII and BINARY transfers

FREE for all

Site Manager

FREE to use

Availble on tray icon

plain FREE

CHM help for dummies included

have i mentioned that it is FREE ?

please go to the project page for downloading the latest release of AirFtp

Project by Matty Rozen

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